How to use BLISSIO

It is very easy to use BLISSIO. As it enhances the delicious flavors of the ingredients, you can fully enjoy your delicious dishes cooked with BLISSIO.

Tips on cooking

1. Waterless cooking
With the thickness of the pot and a lid that creates the airtightness, water contained in the ingredients are used in a way that makes the best use of the delicious flavors of the ingredients. The loss of vitamins and minerals of the ingredients are minimal because the fat and water of the ingredients are used themselves, which leads to richer flavors.
2. Cooking using remaining heat
With its superior heat retaining properties brought about by the excellent heat storage and highly airtight properties, BLISSIO can be used for cooking using remaining heat. With efficient use of remaining heat, it is possible to reduce cooking time and to save on utility costs.

Tips on cooking and troubleshooting

1. Over heating
Since the pot has a structure that prevents heat from escaping, cooking on a low heat is recommended. If steam appears between the lid and the pot, please reduce the heat. If the heat is too strong, the contents of the pot will boil over. If this happens, please create a gap by temporarily sliding the lid a little, or by removing the lid. When things have simmered, please cover the pot again with the lid.
2. When the lid is rattling
Rattling can be stopped by slightly rotating the lid. If it does not stop, please create a gap by temporarily sliding the lid a little. When it has stopped, please cover the pot again with the lid.
3. When boiling over
Since steam inside is rarely released because of its enhanced airtight structure, if your timing is off, the contents will boil over. Although the ingredients will be more delicious with their flavors being better retained through cooking with the lid covering the pot, if you want to prevent the contents from boiling over, please create a small gap by sliding the lid a little, and cook while paying attention to the degree of heating.
4. If the lid cannot be removed
Please reheat the pot over a low heat for a few minutes. Then rotate the lid and remove. Or reheat the pot in a microwave oven.

Maintaining and caring for

1. How to clean the inside of the pot
To remove any scorched residue (or stains on the pot’s inner surface), boil a cup of water and 1 tablespoon of sodium bicarbonate over a low heat. Once it has been brought to a boil, reduce the heat for about 10 minutes. Turn off the heat, and leave the pot as it is until the water has cooled down. When it has sufficiently cooled, wash the inside of the pot with the water using a neutral detergent and sponge.
In the case of severe scorching, please repeat the procedure.
2. Things to note when using the pot
Do not use the pot for agemono dishes (fried dishes), including tempura.
When placing the pot on a table, please use a pot mat or a coaster below it.
When touching the pot, please use a potholder or oven mittens.
Prevent boiling over and scorching by adjusting the amount of heat being used.

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