Company Profile

Company name Ginpo Co., Ltd.
Address 13-25 Mitsuya-cho Yokkaichi City Mie Prefecture, 510-0802
Production capacity One million earthen pots annually
Industrial total floor area Approx. 1,500 tsubo(4,950m²)
No. of employees 30
President and CEO Tetsuya Kumamoto
TEL +81-59-331-2345


Successive CEO

1932: The founder (Sutematsu Kumamoto) launched the business. It started out as a pottery manufacturer under the name of Banko Shinko Yogyosho at Mitsuya (present-day Mitsuya-cho, Yokkaichi City).
1942: Renamed Banko Shinko Yogyosho Limited.
1955: “Sumi-kannyu” series presented.
1960: Renamed Ginpo Toki Limited.
1961: A tunnel kiln for calcination is introduced.
1964: Reorganized and renamed Ginpo Co., Ltd.
1972: “Hana-mishima” series presented.
1990: Fully automatic forming machines are introduced.
1995: A new two-story factory is completed.
1996: The tunnel kiln for calcination (controlled with a computer) becomes automated.
1997: “Kyo-mishima” series presented. Fully automatic forming machines are introduced.
2000: Acquired ISO 9001 certification, an international standard. (Certificated by ULDQS.)
2009: Patent obtained for IH-enabled earthen pot “Plate System.”
2011: “KIKKA” series presented.
2012: “BLISSIO” series presented.
2013: “Sumi-kannyu” series and “Hana-mishima” series are approved as Mie brands.