About pots and cooking

What kind of cooking is possible with BLISSIO?
BLISSIO can be used for various types of cooking, such as simmering, steaming, boiling, and stir-frying, boiling rice and making casseroles. A wide range of cooking can be done in a BLISSIO pot!
How is cooking with a waterless cooking pot different from cooking with a regular pot?
Waterless cooking requires a pot that can cook with only the water contained in the food itself (excluding dried food) in an airtight pot. A shorter heating time and less heat is required in this process.
What are the differences between BLISSIO and other waterless cooking pots?
Compared to casting or metal waterless cooking pots, ceramic earthen pots are lightweight and easy-to-handle. The great attractiveness of BLISSIO is that it is a ceramic pot with high heat storage properties, which can be used for cooking using the remaining heat.
With BLISSIO’s airtight properties been improved through our company’s original special processing, BLISSIO is an earthen pot that can be used for advanced waterless cooking.
BLISSIO brings out the true flavors and tastes of your ingredients.
Is it all right to stir-fry ingredients and then cook them in a BLISSIO?
Yes, it is OK to stir-fry the ingredients and then cook them in a BLISSIO pot. However, please avoid from cooking for a long time with a minimal amount of ingredients in the pot.
Can a BLISSIO pot be used in an oven or a microwave oven?
Yes, it can be used in both an oven or a microwave oven. However, when using the pot in an oven with a covered lid, please keep the temperature below 300℃. Without the lid, your ovens maximum temperature is fine. (Up to 950℃)
Can a BLISSIO pot be used on an IH device?
No, it cannot be used on an IH device. Please use or Ginpo Mishima or Kikka IH products.
Is it OK to heat the pot over high heat when the ingredients inside are cold?
Yes, it is. However, please be careful when cooking so that the ingredients inside will not be burnt and blacken the inside of the pot.
Is it OK to put a BLISSIO pot into a freezer?
Yes, you can put the pot into a freezer. However, please thaw the food inside the pot (at room temperature) before applying heat.
Do you have any plans to release vivid color variations of the lid?
We can produce some vivid colors when there becomes a demand. However thinking of our customers’ safely first, Ginpo Co., Ltd., which manufactures products in accordance with the Food Sanitation Act, uses no lead or cadmium in the manufacturing of all our products. Since reddish coloring requires the use of harmful substances, we have no plans to produce any products with a reddish color.

Points to be noted

Is there anything I should do before using the pot for the first time?
Please wash a sponge and a light detergent.
What should I do when unable to remove the lid?
Please reheat the pot over a low heat. Then remove the lid by rotating it. Or reheat the pot in a microwave oven.
Can the cooked food inside be kept as it is for storage?
Yes, it can.
What should I do to maintain the pot?
After washing the pot, please dry it well enough for storage. If the pot is damp when being stored, it may cause the pot to become moldy or smelly.
Can a scrub brush or cleanser be used on the pot?
Yes, they can. However, not a metal scrub brush as it will scratch the glazed finish on the pot.
What should I be careful about when washing the pot?
Please avoid soaking an earthen pot in a solution of dishwashing detergent and water for a long time before washing it.
Is it OK to use the pot in a dishwasher?
Although it depends on the type of dishwasher, we recommend to not wash the pot in a dishwasher. Since the pot cannot be dried thoroughly in a dishwasher, it may cause the pot to become smelly or moldy.
What should I do about scorched residue and stains sticking to the pot’s inner surface?
Depending on how you use the pot, the food inside may be scorched and stick to the pot’s inner surface. To remove the scorched residue (or stains on the pot’s inner surface), boil a cup of water and 1 tablespoon of sodium bicarbonate over a low heat. Once it has been brought to a boil, reduce the heat for about 10 minutes. Turn off the heat, and leave the pot as it is until the water has cooled down. When it has sufficiently cooled, wash the inside of the pot with the water using a neutral detergent and sponge. In the case of severe scorching, please repeat the procedure.

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